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Cleenol formulates, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products, throughout the UK and worldwide.

Senses Luxury Liquid Soap 5L

Lift Spray Cleaner with Bactericide 5L

Lift Spray Cleaner with Bactericide 6x750ml

Senses Foaming Hand Soap 5L

Crystalbrite OxyCleen 5kg

Autocleen De-ionized Water 5L

Green Pine Disinfectant 5L

Blue Label Washaid 5L

An economy based product, which performs well in soft to medium water conditions.

Blue Label Rinseaid 5L

Ensures the rapid drying of crockery and glassware to a streak-free, sparkling finish. 

The product is added to the final rinse stage of the dishwashing cycle. Designed only for use in dishwashers via the Cleenol Automatic Dosing System (ADS).