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Cistern water management.

Cistern water management

Urinal water management

Water Regulations in the UK state that urinals should use no more than 7.5 litres per urinal bowl for a cistern serving two or more urinals (10 litres per urinal bowl for a cistern serving a single urinal) per hour. For example, a 3.75 litre cistern supplying two urinals should flush each bowl no more than twice an hour.

The ES50 water management urinal flush control system is easy to install, we can set it up to meet water regulations. It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of flushing - saving water and money.

It can be installed on a cistern or direct flushing system. (fits most urinal cisterns)


  • Serviced Twice a Year
  • Adjustable Flushes per hour/day
  • Gives you control of water usage
  • Battery operated
  • LED display
  • Save water and money
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Service Toilet and changing rooms